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  • What are the attributes that a consumer looks for when buying his favorite brand in your business category?

  • How does the consumer interact with your brand when he walks into the store?

  • How is the retailer/reseller presenting your brand to the consumer?

    These are a few questions that every business manager has about their products and services. And these are the million dollar questions whose answers are always in a state of flux with the dynamics constantly changing.

    At BMR you not only get the answer to these questions but you also get the opportunity to keep coming up with new thoughts, ideas and strategies with the liberty of knowing that you will definitely be able to run a field test or a pilot to gauge their on-ground success levels in the jungle for which they are meant to be deployed through the eyes of your most valued stakeholder; YOUR CONSUMER, before unleashing your own animal.

    BMR is

    A market research consultancy that helps its clients in bridging the gap with their consumers through customized research solutions tailored to achieve the clients’ goals and objectives.

    We offer a wide spectrum of services under one roof ranging from Customized Field Solutions to 360 Degree Turnkey Research Project Consultancy.

    The core team at BMR has a vast experience and exposure from both perspectives; that is, servicing as well being serviced. This has helped in putting together the necessary resources both in terms of HR as well as logistics to bring to the clients a company with a heightened sense of not only meeting but exceeding their expectations.

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